DSC05002Asklepion was a god of medicin in ancient Creek mythology. It was also a first health care center in the world – near Pergamum.

DSC04994If you look very carefully you can see city of Pergamum on the top of the hill – temple of Trajan and Creek theatre.

DSC04986Once a broad Roman road lead to Pergamum – and to Asklepion.

DSC04997Excercise how to build ancient stonewall nearby road.

DSC04982Near asklepion a view to hill of Pergamum – theatre can be seen well!

DSC05002A sign board of Asklepion – and how it once looked.

DSC05008Here is yard of Asklepion – once full of life. Or at least sick people…

DSC05009This fragment used to be once in temple of Asclepion. Here is the symbol of resurrection – two snakes drinking milk! Asclepius himself had the power to raise from the dead and he himself was restored to life by Zeus. Cool! This reason he was thought to have also a snake form and tame snakes were kept in his temples as this animal was regarded as a symbol of regeneration.

DSC05011Poppies still have strengths to grow in this hot and dry land…

DSC05017Here used to be the sacred fountain – Let me guess … If you drink this water you will get well again! Yes – 10 points!

DSC05022There after the arcade of columns used to be a library. Actually those walls have space between to keep moisture away.

DSC05028Nice carved stone…

DSC05072Here used the people take water bath or mud bath. Of course it is good for health.

DSC05026A board telling us about the theatre – laugh was important part of healing…

DSC05031Also very nice theatre here in Asklepion. Not too big but nice! Of course nice plays and laughing helps people to get well again.

DSC05053This theatre is in very good shape.

DSC05040Nice view on the stage from backrows.

DSC05046Nice stone stairs between seat-rows.

DSC05063Still one view from right side.

DSC05052Far back one can see clearly theatre of Pergamon.Creek really loved theatre…

DSC05059From backrow whole Asklepion can be seen nicely.

DSC05067Very nice columns with beautiful decorations.

DSC05068From some temple? Asklepion?

DSC05070Nice place for taking mud bath…

DSC05075Some old wall structures. Maybe dealing with temple of Telesphorusfor.

DSC05073Here is the entrance to “Temple of Telesphorusfor”, who was the son of Asklepius.

DSC05077Tunnel network – Telesphorus had healing powers and he was the god of convalescence.

DSC05094Here – in this corner – people used to bath.

DSC05101Sick people used to life in small rooms beside tunnel. Then their dreams were interpreted by doctors.

DSC05090Center pillar of temple – the circular perambulatorium.

DSC05111More information about the buildings and yard from ancient times.

DSC05110Structures above ground from the circular perambulatorium.

DSC05114Opposite the temple (of Asklepios) is the place where the pilgrims of the God sleep. A circular edifice built of marble nearby named as the Tholos.

DSC05121A port into temple? Tholos has a circular sekos, a wing and an inner colonnade. A ramp leads to its entrance, which was situated on the east side.

DSC05144Pool? or just deep ditch? Or place for building?

DSC05151View from west towards theatre.

DSC05154Ruins of old ancient house.

DSC05156Line of columns in western side of yard in Asclepion.

DSC05146These were from eastern side … if I remember right.

DSC05170Nice column – standing alone against hundreds of years…

DSC05173It’s time to get back.

DSC05176Again nice zoomed view of Pergamum on top of the high hill.

DSC05149It’s time to let Pergamum and Asclepion sleep in eternal peace…

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