Symbol of Catania is elephant. And there is no real reason behind that. Only some strange story of one sorcerer who could transfer humans to elephants.

Catania is wellknown from its vulcanic ground and also very old greek theatre. As whole eastern Sicily it was once a greek settlement.

As always in catholic Italy there ia a nice looking duomo in main piazza. Very nice square for people to sit in a cafe for an espresso and just rest. They say that once the duomo was also a castle for Norman rulers. And from its windows they could look over sea for coming ships. After some eruptions of Etna the sea shore has gone long forward and all city ground is covered by dark lava-stone.

And of course all visitors have to test how it feels to sit on the foundations of that famous elephant statue – the trademark of town. And feel the local athmosphere. In one evening at September also several married couples were droven to piazza to be photgraphed here in front of the duomo – maybe local custom?

View from Etna. Somewhere east lies city of Catania and sea shore. But it is misty…


Taormina is a small village high up hills and also a greek settlement. It used to be at sea shore (with different name) but another strong greek colony – Syracuse – destroyed it totally. So what was left started again in these high hills near sea behind new city walls. It has maybe the most magnificient place for greek theatre. High on the hills its looking over the sea. I guess it must have been nice to watch here greek comedies for spectators in acient times. And when the sun is setting into sea it must have been very beautiful scenery…


View from backside of theatres highest sitting rows.

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