Ephesus was an ancient Greek city on the coast of Ionia about three kilometres southwest from today’s Selçuk (near İzmir) in Turkey. Some believe it had also earlier history and had name Apasa under Hittite regime. After those times Epheus was founded in 10th century BC as an Greek colonists. During the Classical Greek era it was one of the twelve cities of the Ionian League. The city flourished after it came under the control of the Roman Republic in 129 BC.

DSC03555Here we come to ruin of Ephesus from south. Here used to be the Agora where people could gather and have talks.

DSC03564Pile of pipeline pieces – back from 2000 years? Are they really that ages? Amazing…


Small theatre of Ephesus – Odeon. I guess people of Ephesus were really interested about culture – because there is also another theatre. Much bigger…

In fact this theatre used to have a wooden roof and many kind of meetings were hold there.

DSC03618Here from highest rows of seats one can see well how many tourists are coming to visit Ephesus. Everybody wants to see this…


Here up we can see also well to west where used to be harbor of Efesus, library and big theatre. And all the time flow of people travels towards west…

DSC03595Nice gateway frames made to last – passage from theatre to main city. Another side of theatre there used to be the baths of Varius.

DSC03638Here the road leads us down to west – through nicely decorated Creek columns. Towards ancient harbor …

DSC03639Nice columns. Here we can see well that the decoration of columns was made separately by using plaster mixes – like stucco type decorations.


Here used to be the Prytaneion which was an administrative building. It had a courtyard in front of it and a large hall backside. Goddesses – named Curettes – held here in the middle of the yard Hestia’s sacred flame. This flame should never die.

DSC03647In this board there is info about Ephesus. One can also see Greek god Artemis, which specially was dedicated to Ephesus.


This monument was a memorial to Memmius, son of Caius and grandson of the dictator Sulla. It was built in Ephesus during the 1st century AD by Augustus. As a consul Sulla conquered Asia minor for Rome but left bad memory of himself being a cruel dictator.


This stone describes probably Asklepios – god of healing and medicin. Ancient times nakes on a staff – like in this stone – ment hospitals and medical care. Some people thought that snake poison could be used to cure people – and maybe so… And in Roman times there used to be large medical school in Ephesus.

DSC03654Like one above this sign is telling us that here used to be also Apothecary. Probably near hospital – how else!


Probably in this pillar walks Hermes – god of merchants, shepherds, gamblers, thieves and liars. All in one god – cool! In his hand he is carrying a staff called cadeceus. In Roman world Hermes was Mercury who often carried cadeceus in his left hand. Even I have one of those statues.

DSC03694In the Domitian square there is a round monument where one can find bulls head and garlands. Garved nicely on marble.


Here used to be the fountain of Pollio opposite Domitian temple. It was built 97 AD By a rich family of Procullus and was dedicated to Roman Sextillius. In Roman times it was common sense to keep in good relations with Romans.

DSC03675Here used to be smaller Agora and also temple of Domitian. Yes – Roman emperor again!


”One day I’ll fly away” – probably this Angel thinks so. I think it is an Angel!? Well – it’s actually Greek goddess Nike, who was dedicated to victory. It’s intersting that she has wings like an angel. Did Christians took her as a model for angel… Anyways she was daughter of Titan Pallas and Styx. Hmm interesting…

DSC03719And further to curettes street leads our way…


And who is this poor fellow who hae lost his head on past centuries…It is believed that it presents a woman doctor who had offered great services to Ephesus. Statue is from the Byzantine era.

DSC03786There in the end of street – Curettes street – lies one of our targets – the big library. It has still some of it’s high facade left.


We go forward in street of Curetes and on our left side there are terrace houses – made for rich people. They had two storeys and middle of the Roman type houses there was a yard. These houses had luxory because they had a heating systems and both cold and hot water.

Board of information of Terrace houses.


There were mosaic and frescoes on the floors of the houses and the ground floors consisted of living and dining rooms while the upper ones housed the bedrooms. The ground floors along Curetes street housed stores.


Here was once Trajan’s fountain and it was built 2nd century BC. Those times there was a big statue of Trajan hiomself standing over pool – now only foot is left. There were also staues of Aphrodite, Dionysus, Satyr and the family of the Emperor.

DSC03809This stone pillar has some story to tell…
Once there have been standing statues on top of it.

DSC03766Getting nearer the big Celsus library. On right side there used to be brothel amongs other.

DSC03775Here used to be the Scolastica baths of Ephesus. Coveniently neat brothel, latrines and Celsus – all nearby.

DSC03841Sarcophagus of some Roman Nobel…


Temples of Hadrian has been one of the most beautiful building in Ephesus. It was built alongside Curetes street 2nd century AD. The facade of temple had been decorated by statues of Tyche (goddess of Ephesus), Diocletian, Maximian, Constantius Chlorius and Galerius – Roman emperors all except first.


And here one of the most important building od Roman city – bublic toilet -latrines. As you can see there was a gutter in front of the seats where clean water flowed continuously.

DSC03753Nice pillar with Greek writing on it. Probably once a Foundation for some statue.

DSC03862Celsus library is the most vivid place here in Ephesus. Here tourist stop to wonder this magnificient building…

DSC03817Board of information oc Celsus library.


This Celsus library was built in 117 A.D. It was a tomb and magnificient building dedicated for Gaius Julius Celsus Polemaeanus – the governor of the province of Asia – from his son Galius Julius Aquila. In the entrance there was a statue of Athena because Athena was the goddess of the wisdom.


On the facade of Celsus library there are nice statues said to be the Wisdom, the Knowledge, the Intelligence and the Fortune. Is this statue of Sophia – the wisdom?

DSC03834And is this the Episteme – knowledge!

DSC03838And Arete – valour.

DSC03833View backside of Celsus library. Sometimes happenings are organized here!

DSC03835View from Celsus to upwards – direction where we came. Ruins of terrace houses on right side.

DSC03823These magnificient Gates are named ”Mazeus and Mithridates gates”. Actually built By two freed slaves to honour Augustus himself!

DSC03808Gate of Trajan nearby the other gate.

DSC03856It’s goodbye for Celsus – rest in peace!


When entering forward through Gates one sees a large Agora also called Commercial Market square. It was the commercial centre of the city and the Marble Street went on it’s right side – route for Celsus to Great Theatre.

DSC03879Group of poppeys enjoy sun shine high on the wall!

Here one can see numerously pillars, columns and pieces of stone lieing on the ground.

DSC03886And more. Here one can also see how nicely Ephesus lies between valleys. On right hand side would have once been sea.

Looks like a pool but probably some statue foundation…

DSC03880But further our path leads…

DSC03896Pieces of pipelines from 2000 years! Vau…

DSC03902And here it is – The great theatre!

DSC03932What a nice view over theatre towars market square!

DSC03939Here view over theatre towards harbor! How nice it must have been watch here sun to sets into the sea!

DSC03947And here from different angel!

DSC03964And view from nearer stage.

DSC03968From down below it is easy to see how big the theatre has been!

DSC03992The street towards harbor was called Arcadiane.

DSC03979Walking harbor street towards ancient harbor. Sea used to be here near Ephesus. Now it’s several kilometers away. Still one look over shoulder towards Great Theatre.

DSC03993Here panorama picture on scenery.

DSC03988And harbor street is long and wide…

DSC04000Still glimpse towards theatre – but there is end for everything! It’s time to go!


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