Here we are – in the Northeast corner of China in city of Harbin. City used to be part of Russia, but it was given as a present to Mao from Sovjet Union as a congratulation present from succesfull revolution. Northern border of North Korea and border of Russia is not that far away.

Harbin has a one speciality – every year they organize an ice festival. It is called “Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival”. Then they build a small village of ice buildings with lights of many color.

At wintertime it can be rather cold here – over -30 oC – so buildings will last easily through the opening time. This is a very famous happening and people come here from several countries each year to watch it.

I have no idea how they build the ice village but probably block by block from river water nearby. And then they add electrical lights into the joints of blocks. Or neon lights. And probably they use cold water at site to attach blocks together. Houses are so big that they are used also for some activities in exhibition.


What can one say about overal view but how great it looks at dark night! Still the size of building astonish me…At the time of my visit – end of January – it was cold about -17 oC, so it was not bad. But also new techniques can work in these conditions like big schreen!

And of course there need to be small cabins or kiosk where you can buy coffee and tea to get yourself warm.

And here also temperature meter was a big one. Yes maybe it was even more than -17 oC in the late evening…

Nice picture of colored columns and arches. There were also slides for people to have fun and some were pretty long…By the way look right down corner…do you se anything familiar? Yes – there is a sign of CFC – Centucky Fry Chicken. And there were also all the rest fast food chains in this exhibition area. So you did not need to walk hungry.

And this of course presents typical Chinese palace. Not bad! Not bad at all…

And little bit from different corner. And there are tens of different buildings or smaller constructions or statues in the festival area…

And background a muslim palace or temple. See the crescent moons at the top of towers. And how pretty colored lights everywhere in the middle of darkness of Northern Harbin.

And here is the temple of Buddha. And master himself is sitting on the background leaning to hill.

And how nice looking columns here. Deep green and blue! I wonder how they do it. And at background more imaginary statues and constructions…

And this small shrine is full of light – in many colors! How nice indeed…

Here is the castle of ice bears. And its big!

And more very big and colourful buildings. It is looking like an asian palace also. I suppose many of the builders of the structures create here their own ideas and visions. In the end the best will be rewarded.

Here is something I just had to take some photos. Smurfs standing in the cold night at Harbin surrounded by their nice cottages!

And here from somewhat different angle…

This building at background was a very huge one. If I remember right there were some happenings inside the buiding – shows etc. At the top of the building there were a huge slide that you could try to get down with high speed…

At the ice world exhibition there is a competition of ice statues. So many artist compete here who can create the most imposing statue. Was this the winner?

And finally everything ends. Its time to go…
I wonder ho many meters of electrical cables will be left around from melting ice world structures…I guess its better to turn power off at that time!

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