Hierapolis – Pamukkale

Hierapolis – a Creek and Then Roman city

DSC04120Basic layout of the city.

DSC04634Western gate from inside.

DSC04623General view of Hierapolis – or where it used to be…

DSC04539Theatre info-board.

DSC04562Basic view from upper rows of theatre – used also for gladiatorial combats!

DSC04596The stage itself.

Views from backrows are pectacular – as always in Creek theatre.

DSC04570More views towards west.

DSC04574Views to east – over the valley and mountains behind – in nice weather +30 oC.

DSC04526Temple ruins…

DSC04522More ruins…

DSC04513Creek and Roman sarcophagus.

DSC04501Nice column top.

DSC04484Nice reliefs.

DSC04463Creek or Roman statue?

DSC04458More old Frygian type statue.

DSC04481More reliefs.

DSC04487Interesting statue half – also sea snake?

DSC04485God Hades?

DSC04452Reliefs of gladiators – in theatre also gladiatorial fights were held.

DSC04161Old agora?

DSC04443Nice view before agora towards valley.


Hierapolis city had some hot springs fro bathing. They were said to improve health. Also inside the ground is flowing water including calcium-type of particles which harded as white rocks – travertines.

DSC04152Way to travertines.

DSC04411General view from west – area is actually rather big.

DSC04410Tricks of the light?

DSC04173People standing in first pools up the hill – water is said to cure…

DSC04195Down lays were nice look small lake with blue water.

DSC04202Visitors are walking downwards (and some up) of travertine hill to get into valley.

DSC04188Water is flowind downstream through small ditches.

DSC04360Here we can see how travertine formations creates pools all over.

DSC04366Some of the pools are really big.

DSC04267General view over travertines on the west side of hill.

DSC04288View to the west. From hill on the back gliders jump on the air.

DSC04293One in the air…nice in hot and sunny day…

DSC04295And they land valley below…

DSC04256Up nice ditches where water can be directed to separate travertine pools.

DSC04335With right light travertine stone looks just like pure white snow!

DSC04328Some risk their lives going over the allowed borderline to take photos. It is tens of meters down to the valley…

DSC04344Here we can actually see what happens. Little By little flowing water including travertine particles covers original surface.

DSC04379It is so shining white everywhere on sunny day!

DSC04414Water keeps on running downwards the hill. Also Creek used to have hot baths in Hierapolis.

DSC04402Well it’s time to leave back blue lake and travertines and go to bus.

DSC04133Still some ruins of Healiapolis on way back.

DSC04147Theater lays high on the hill in horizon.

DSC04146It’s about three hours journey back to Kusadasi…


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