The city is located on north-west coast of Sicily and was founded by the Phoenicians in 734 BC. After it’s Foundation it became a Carthagian city. City really has very nice and sunny shores. After Carthage lost the first Punic war, city became to possession of the Roman Republic. After being part of the Roman Empire for several hundred years it was owned by the Byzantine Empire for over a thousand years.

Teatro Politeama Garibaldi – located on Piazza Ruggero Settimo.

General view forward of theatre.

In year 831 happened big change when Palermo became part of expanding Arab empire and it became the Emirate of Sicily until 1072. During Arab rule it was first time as a capital. The Arabs twisted the original Greek name into Balarm. This is how the city got it’s present-day name.

Statues in Piazza Pretoria – also known as the square of Shame.

Cars and busy trafic also in Palermo.

Following the Norman reconquest, Palermo became capital of a new kingdom (from 1130 to 1816), the Kingdom of Sicily. Eventually it would be united with the Kingdom of Naples to form the Two Sicilies until the Italian unification of 1860.

Quattro Canti, officially known as Piazza Vigliena, is a Baroque square that marks the centre of Palermo.

Another side of street. Is this the center?

Today’s Palermo
Palermo is hold to be Sicily’s cultural, economic and touristic capital. It is a city rich in history, culture, art, music and food. Many nations have left their mark on the city.


Cattedrale – the cathedral, located in the Old City quarter of Capo. A very beautiful church.


Numerous tourists are attracted to the city for its good Mediterranean weather, its renowned gastronomy and restaurants, its Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque churches, palaces and buildings, and its nightlife and music.

Road beside cathedrale.

The period of Roman rule was quite a calm time for Palermo, which grew into an important Roman trade centre. However I could not find many tracks from Romans anymore.


Once Normans came and conquered south Italy and then took also Sicily and formed a flourishing state. Their palace used to be here – view of palazzo dei Normanni.

Cappella Palatina
Below nice outside churchyard inside building of palatine chappel.

The palace contains the Cappella Palatina, by far the best example of the so-called Arab-Norman-Byzantine style that prevailed in the 12th-century Sicily.

Very nice paintings in front of church.

The foundation charter of the church is preserved and dates to 1143 and construction have begun at this point.

The wonderful mosaics, the wooden roof, elaborately fretted and painted, and the marble incrustation of the lower part of the walls and the floor are very fine.


Is there anywhere so nice views inside church? Ho many details are there in this building?

Of the palace itself the greater part was rebuilt and added in Aragonese times, but there are some other parts of Roger’s work left, specially the hall called Sala Normanna.


Views from different parts of town

General views from Palermo…

How nice garden… probably in a way to football stadion.

And here football stadium Renzo Barbera. Local team has been playing in Serie A recently. Club has very unique Jersey – pink and white. But very beautiful!

Nice local narrow streets. Very old and manysided. In the street market here one could find here everything – even parfumes with expensive names.

What a funny three … it has several branches which can grow downwards and make roots to ground. From Garden in old city.

Near the shoreline in old city… now and then sunny and then cloudy.

Boulevard beside shoreline. In background view to east … to mount Etna…but it’s far away.

No the really blue sea. People were fishing because the day was very nice.

And here policemen with horses are taken care of peace.

Is this date-palm? Seems to me there a lot of dates coming?

View to west along boulevard on sea-shore.

Again nice trees in garden – this is even bigger garden than the rest.

Another view from park.

And statues in the park.

Hey, wait a minute! This is not from Palermo… here we came back to Rome and walk near Colosseum!

And this view is the best in Rome. My favourite place to watch that magnificient Pantheon and have ice-cream with srawberrys. Here at night.

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