Raseporg castle
DSC07790Castle today from western side.

DSC07796Castle as it used to be once some thousand years ago – standing strongly in huge rock with all sea around.

DSC07712But little by little land was rising around and sea started to escape. Rulers also changed from Danish to sea pirates and eventually it became stronghold for Swedish kings. One even lived there some years when he was expelled from thrown – but got his seat again.

DSC07710This is the layout today. Once this castle is said to have brick coverings – who knows. But anyways it has an interesting place and features. In the beginning of 1500 it was abandoned and city around was moved to Helsinki.

20150729_113018View from cafeteria – from house that is said to be the guardmen of castle.

20150729_121744Around castle grows lot of leaf threes – giving an nice impression for place. The main entrance was on right side.

20150729_121755The round big tower type of structure is said to be a canon tower. But it also had a storage and jail dungeons.

IMG_0036Castle stands as majestic high above ground. The left side had great or banquet hall together with living quarters of ruler.

IMG_0040The eastern side of castle wall has little bit leaning structure inside. I wonder why?

IMG_0041The main entrance into castle looks nice. The passageway lead under guard tower and -post so there were no surprises.

IMG_0043Inner courtyard of castle. On northern side used to be one of three towers. It is said that on northern side on second level was the first toilet in Finland! Because sea water was down below…

IMG_0044On western side in courtyard used to be small workshops, bakery etc…

IMG_0048Also on eastern side on courtyard used to be several workshops.

IMG_0047Also post of guard man used to be on east-south corner. Now – as may have been also earlier – exits stairs to second floor. The stone wall of main building is still amazingly straight.

20150729_115409View to inner courtyard from top floor of big round tower. Now tens of swifts keep this as their home.

20150729_115344Views from same place to south-west – towards threes which grow beside river.

20150729_115331View from round tower to south – earlier on big open sea was seen from here. But in Finland the west coast is rising every year higher. Now only small river is left from sea…

IMG_0046View towards west and house of guard soldiers house. There were probably passageways all the way around courtyard on second and top (third) floor. Of course castle needed space where soldiers defended it. On right side an open stage can be seen where theatre plays are shown at summer time.

Fiskars – iron plant











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