Ancient Rome was one of the largest and long lived empires in history of our world. It lasted about from 500 BC to 500 AD – and somebody could count Bysantine as a straight successor of Rome to last all the way to 1500 AD. At it’s high noon Rome consisted much more that 20 European and Middle-east countries. So it was a huge realm also when measured against todays world. One can only wonder how it was able to stay as one state so long time. Even orders and messages from palace of Rome to it’s most distant borders must have taken more than one month. It is also astonishing how well it lasted all the internal turmoils and could renew when centuries went by. Was there something special in Romans? Probably! How else it could have existed so long. And still our history books have remarks of what Romans did. And our calendar has month named according Roman emperors. Yes – ancient Rome is the foundation of western civilization. Nearly every European state has outstanding buildings done by Romans – some only in ruins. Amphitheatres, akveducts, theatres, bathhouses etc… There are also many artifacts found which now give color to out understanding of Romans. Below are some statues picked from European museums.

20140309_121234Roman statue heads in Vienna museum. Looking cool in dark room when bright light enlights faces…

20140309_121038Gaius Julius Caesar as a young officer. Rarely seen statue portrait. But he looks very determined.

20140309_121100Woman statue head. Looking as very beautiful Roman matrona and having a typical Roman hairstyle.

20140606_202330This grim looking figure in Caracalla – emperor after Severus. he murdered his brother and most of the court of his father Septimus Severus. Still ruins of bathhouse of Caracalla are to be seen in Rome. He was murdered rather soon after becoming emperor.

20140606_202205Here is probably Julia Domna – wife of Septimus Severus. She had a Syrian type hairstyle. She committed suicide after her husband was died, her older son murdered her younger son and finally older son was murdered too. She had lost everything…












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