Every tour starts somewhere. My tour towards Ephesus (or Efes in Turkish) started from Izmir. Here two views from Izmir some 50 kilometers from Ephesus which also used to be important Greek city. Namely in Roman times it hold name Smyrna and was famous and succesful city because of it’s harbor.

DSC03509View from hotel’s courtyard.

DSC03502Here one can see the gulf of Izmir – and indeed city lives very much together with sea.

DSC03492It’s late night but on the walkstreet near shore there are still lot of people walking.

DSC03493General view from square near hotel.

DSC03479View from up hotel balcony.

DSC03481And more.

DSC03485Panorama picture for change.

20150531_081633Everything looks little different in Morning light!

20150602_164655Near hotel is a crowded walk street – mainly used by tourist. And because we are on shores of Mediterranean there are always fishermen around.

20150602_171237There are several ferries picking workers and passagers on the other sides of bay.

20150602_173043View from nearby cafeteria. Looks just like in another European city.

20150602_173805Here you can actually feel the sea very strongly. How wonderful it must have felt for turkish tribes when they finally occupied this old fruitful and beautiful coastal area.

20150602_173842Some are fishing and some just spending time. Now and there are men with small botths selling something special to taste.

20150602_175030Buildings near coastal city area look very modern and fine. Izmir is fourth biggest city in Turkey and seems to be doing well.

20150531_085757Somewhere on the road between Izmir and Kusadasi.

20150531_091321Turkey is full of valleys and high hills or small rocky mountains. Here on right side one can see (if looks very carefully) an old turkish fortress on top of the hill.

20150531_091933Near St John’s church – still on the way to Kusadasi. Behind a Turkish castle.

DSC04079And road leads through coastal areas from Selcuk to Kusadasi – some 30 minutes.


DSC04081 Finally in Kusadasi.

DSC04080It’s an election day and there are flags everywhere.

DSC04082Kusadasi is like every other Turkish coastal city. Soon after coast there are high hills where houses are built one By one.

DSC04083Walking on the sunny beach walkstreet. And it’s hot.

DSC04092Very nice beach. Even though city is small one can see right away that there are lot of tourist on sunny beach. And swimming…

DSC04095People are just resting under the sun or swimming. But that’s not for me…I am too restless..

DSC04097Yes there is a long nice beach towards southwest so sun is shining nicely till the evening dusk. And walking street near beach is very nice.

DSC04100Some nice statue and people driving with motorcycle without helmet – as is custom here!

DSC04101Yes very nice walk street with small shops nearby for tourist.

DSC04103Lot of people walking on nice warm afternoon under palm trees and listening sound of sea vawes.

DSC04105This house looks like old castle but it is actually hotel near beach. Probably made look like an old castle – not original one.

DSC04104There are sqaures now and there where people are sitting and resting.

DSC04107And of course there are mosques in the city.

DSC04106Because city is build on the hill slopes there are lot of narrow streets climbing up.

DSC04109As suitable in southern town there are many small cafeterias and booths all over – for tourists.

DSC04013And as always it is impossible to get away without doing busines about Turkish carpets. Actually I liked the blue one.

DSC04111Another mosque near shore.

DSC04110Street view near bazaar area – it is time to get back to hotel.

DSC04113And sun starts to set – and tourists are taking photos. Alone fishermen tries still hsi luck.

DSC04117And sun set down under horizon also in the harbor.

20150531_205404It’s time to get into hotel and it’s terrace for dinner. Not bad in warm beautiful evening.

20150531_205418But still cars queue to the heart of city – after eight PM.

20150531_205424And moon rises over hotel in to the blue sky.

20150531_211314And the evening gets dark … and dinner is already eaten and tables get empty.

20150531_220335And beaches of Kusadasi rest in yellow lights when evening gets darker.


Terrace lights go down and only moon is left to shine in the sky. It’s time for me to go to rest. Next morning my journey takes me to Pamukkale and then back here. And then starts interesting part when one taxi driver from Kusadasi wants to drive me back to Izmir on the late evening. So I’ll drive back to Izmir with taxi in one hour – and price is reasonable. Not bad! Good driver!

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