Verona is a very nice old city in northern part of Italy. I guess maybe the most unforgettable in the city is the nice river runninh through the city – and old piazzas. And we can not forget the amphihteatre – third biggest in the world.

The reason why Verona was important city at ancient times, was the ford over Adige-river. Here very nice old bridge over river.

Maybe the most beautiful building in the Verona is the amphitheatre. It does not look that special when you look it outside. But when you go inside you notice how big it is. I guess the arena itself must be several meters behind ground level. It is anyway very beuatiful – especially in the dark when beautiful lights shine in dark and and nice summer breeze is goes over you. There are every summer ophera performances here – I have been there. It’s really something to see, when performance is done under dark night sky with stars shining over you and colored lights shine over props and singers!

Here are some pics of main piazza. Looks familiar?

And here more…I bought here a very nice looking “stetson” hat. It was so damn hot! If I remember right it was over 40 oC at high noon!

And look this shop … rather promising! Don’t you think so too…

Here from this hill there was a spectacular view over city. And of course it was a place for Roman fortress.

Here also was an old Roman time theather.

And the Adige-river flows with speed through the city…

And of course the street of old northern Italian town are very narrow. Very handy when outside is a hot summer day … but not if houses catch fire!

Rather nice views from houses and street just near the river … beautiful flowers and plants!

Yes … I could live here!

PS. I forgot to mention that this city was an important scene in one of 60’s most famous movie – Romeo and Juliet. Of course the story had been written several hundreds years earlier by Shakespeare. But I guess this movie from 60’s achieved very big success at it’s time.

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